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WARNING! This is a warning to those who are running this ROM!

People have been reporting that they have been getting the OTA update despite the fact that they have been running third-party ROMs (such as this). Installation of the OTA has resulted in a soft-brick. One person who got the OTA update downloaded to their phone with GummyCharged GBE 2.1 and they couldn't do anything but reboot their phone, they could not back out, after which it resulted in a soft-brick.

At this point, it would be best to downgrade to EE4 and do the OTA update as normal. Root and deodex your phone. Or, install the EP4D deodexed and rooted Odin image made by Danalo1979 that can be found at the thread below...

This is a warning, you may end up getting the OTA update and it will result in a soft-brick!
81 - 88 of 88 Posts
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