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$99 Touchpad from (as of 8/23 9:30am Pacific Time)

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So I found this link:

It is the link for when choose "add to cart" on the site as if it were in stock. I was able to successfully order 2 16g, but couldn't find a way to get a 32g. They've processed the order within minutes and took the money out of my account. So, your guess is as good as mine if it will work out.

Things to note:
- cheapest shipping for 2x16g TPs was $38.44 :(
- estimated ship date 08/28 (maybe when HP is planning to restock) ?
- no confirmation email as of yet
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I placed an order for 2, but no confirmation yet either.
Added to cart but trying to find a way to get the 32gb versions. Have not tried to checkout.

Update: Link not working for me. By the looks of it even if you go through it will not work. Maybe for a backorder option though?
FYI - Small biz store has a rogue link showing inventory -- not the case. Trust me. SMB out, done, kaput on the inventory. No more coming.
BrynaAtHP 35 mins
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Follow @BrynaAtHP on Twitter for updates. She tweeted about this a few times. Small Business does not nor will they have any more. Only home and home office. Just an FYI
Order status just says, "Your order is being processed. A customer representative may be contacting you to confirm the details of your order." We shall see but I doubt it.
"We are unable to process your order, please contact a representative at 1-800-888-9909." This is my order status. i'm calling them now.
just some touchpad humor


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Lol that is good. I ordered a 16gb this morning and got nothing in form of email or call. Haven't checked my card yet.
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