IFA is a great event, actually one of the biggest events to come to Europe. It's actually not all about new phones and tablets, though - there are many more products being unveiled and introduced. Last year Sony gave us the QX10 and QX100 smart lenses that we could attach to the back of our phones to take great shots even if we only have a 3MP rear shooter -- which I hope none of you did. This year Sony is back with better lenses.

Earlier, Sony told the world about their new smart lenses, the QX1 E-series lens mount and the QX30 Zoom lens. As you may note from their names, these aren't in the same product line with one being more high-end than the other. Yet, they both will provide an ample upgrade over your smartphone's camera. The catch is, whether the price is worth it.

The QX1 is actually not a lens that you can just snap on and start taking pictures, it only contains a 20.1MP APS-C sensor, an E-series mounting bracket and a flash module that you would then be able to take any E-series lens and place upon it. One of the very well-known E-series Sony cameras are their Alpha series (such as the A5100 which is my camera :D). The mount connects to your phone via WiFi-direct and can store media either on its own memory card or on your phone's internal storage. It also contains a removable and rechargeable battery. The QX1 is up for pre-order now at Sony's website for $400 and is scheduled for release on October 9th.

The QX30 is an actual lens and sensor combo, so there will be no need or reason to grab a lens from a camera or another source. The QX30 comes equipped with a 21MP sensor with a 30X optical zoom lens, yet only has F-stop values of 3.5 - 6.3. Basically this means that while these most likely will be better than your smartphone camera, don't go challenging that hipster in Starbucks with his DSLR. The QX30 will be available a day earlier than the QX1, and will only require $350 to attach to your Droid X.


These seem to be a good option for those only wanting to use their phone, but does anyone think it would be more beneficial to spend the money that you would use for these on an actual camera? You can head on over to the Sony Store during October, though, if you wish to purchase these accessories.

Source: Sony

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