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[Abandoned] Is my Charged bricked? heeeeeeeelp plz

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Ok I will try to explain this. Please forgive any fopaux as I am freeking a lil right now. Here goes:

I have been doing a good bit of lurking on here taking time to read a good bit and laughing at a few jokes. So today I decided, heck with it, I'm going for it. I got all the files and dl's of this and that and thought I was ready. I got GC 1.9 up and going on my phone and was ready to attempt to get GC2.0 I opened Odin and unchecked Auto Reboot, used "PDA" and loaded 0817_charge_recovery.tar.md5. (Oh I put the phone in download already) and hit start. Well that was about 45mins ago and I am still stuck on (recovery.bin). When I disconnect the phone it is complete dead. No reboot, no recovery, nada.


Can anybody help me?

Thank you,

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Replied in the Charge Forums, figured I would try here too. Does Odin recognize the phone when you put it into Download Mode? (Even if the screen is black, does Odin see your phone?)
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yes it is back on odin
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