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Ok I have to be honest: I rooted into .602 root flawlessly!!! TiBu all my apps, running go launcher....OK this is where I probably got STUPID!!!
I ran the v6 supercharge script and the kernal supercharger script too. Was gonna reboot......well with go launcher and no ROM (just rooted .602)instead of rebooting(couldnt find a menu for reboot) I turned off to turn back on....

Thats when the blank (almost seems illuminated on the four sides blank screen) came up. I thought, "sbf." Went throught the whole sbf, rebooted , blank screen came up AGAIN!!!

I have no idea what to do!! I need this phone for work also. (off today)
I actually did the power button/ home button and got the android guy with a triangleQuestion mark...not sure what else to do.....

I did do an original back up awhile ago when i first rooted(will that help me out) and how the heck do I get there???

Hope I made sense-to you android god's
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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