While some of you may be enjoying your Note 4, the Galaxy S5 is still a great device to own and because it's Samsung, it has a bevy of accessories available for it. The Slim Armor View case by Spigen that I reviewed is Spigen's attempt to create a better and/or more protective version of Samsung own S View case.

If you don't know who Spigen are, they are one of the more popular online accessories manufacturers for Android and Apple devices. They are even already showcasing some of their upcoming offers for the Nexus 6.

With the Slim Armor View (SAV) case, you're looking at a flip case that not only should let you view content from its front information window but should also protect your device with its rubber inside and hard plastic outsides. It also has the benefit of not being overly huge and thick like some other cases can be - this case seems to strike the right balance between durability and appearance.

As you can see from the gallery this case has several aspects to it that need to be looked at. The texture on the front is a smooth matte feeling that you probably won't be touching all that much, while the back is rubber and mimics the backside of the Galaxy S5. The clasp used to open and close the case actually clips so you'll know when it's closed and won't have to worry about the top of case not folding down fully onto your phone. I did have some trouble opening it at first and have heard from a few friends that if you have long nails (and care about them chipping) then you may need to handle this case with care. There are some inserts and cutouts all around the case for your various ports, jacks, camera, and heart rate sensor.

Another difference between this case and the official S View case is that you don't have to remove the back in order to put the SAV on. This allows for that extra bit of protection that could help protect your battery, SD card, or other internals. Plus, you know that your phone will still be water proof resistant with the case on it - whether or not you want to introduce this case to water is up to you.

The next logical place to examine in the SAV is the content it's able to provide, which is not the same as with the S View case. It's important to note that the SAV does not have native information window support - you have to download the Smart View Plus app by Spigen, which is not that absurd (not that I really think about it). The app has to be started manually at least for the first use and contains all the settings you can manipulate using the case.

Some of the settings you can expect to see in the app are 'icon in notification' - I really feel like this is one of the more useless settings but who knows, I could be wrong. 'Use notification bar' makes the view window look ugly in my opinion. Aside from these, you can use 'activate wallpaper' to make the window more personal. You also have gesture options like shake to call, power button to end call, and flip to silence to make your SAV experience more convenient. Lastly you can adjust what you see and how you see it with options such as time format, brightness level, screen timeout, view window position, missed notifications and more. The app really helps to make the case have all the same features as the S View but still falls short in the View Window's aesthetics.

The standard view window has a grey-ish background with the time and date at the top level and your camera and missed notifications on the bottom level, all in white. Just white on grey - that's it. You can tap the camera to turn on your camera to snap pictures but that's it. You can tap the phone and messages to look at what you missed, but they just allow you to see how many of each eluded your presence. I'm all for minimal but i feel like showing what exactly we missed wouldn't be too hard to add and would really raise the usefulness of the product.

All in all the physical aspects of the case make up for the sparsity in notification view and really are the main reasons to buy this accessory. The app can also always be updated and can change looks and functionality at any time. If you want to purchase this case, you can do so from our friends at MobileFun from the link down below for 55$ in either white or black. They also have a wide variety of other Samsung Galaxy S 5 accessories.

Mobilefun Link: Slim Armor View Case