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As the title implies...

I was finally able to repack the Stock Pulled Kernel from bubby323 with a little help from mkasick, and add CWM5. thats the only change.

No root, no Busybox, nothing else. But I am appending zips to install those here in my post.

What's the point you might ask?

Well as everyone knows, the source released from samsung was some bullshit... LoStKernel, makes the best use of that source and adds lots of tweaks, and in my opinion is the best compiled custom kernel available...

But, some people stand by the point that only the stock pulled kernel is free from LoS, or is the LoS is least Rampant for them in that kernel.. But they want CWM too!

Well here it is, the Kernel it self is untouched, only the initramfs has been modified.

Updated 10-23-2011:
Added CWM from Koush
and made some initramfs changes to make it more compatible with Rom Manager in the future.

Updated 10-27-2011:
Updated to CWM from Koush
added init.d support

Updated 10-28-2011:
Updated initramfs layout similar to Koush's mentioned here.
though this one doesn't include stock recovery because of repack space limitations..


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