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Original Post by bubby323 of ACS

ClockworkMod Recovery for the Samsung Epic Touch 4G

Thanks to everybody involved with the original rooted kernel, including zedomax and shabbypenguin as well as tanimn.

Hey guys! I was finally able to get Clockwork Mod recovery up and running on the Epic Touch and guess what? It also gives you full root privileges without messing up any other services such as WiFi or 3G.

Here we go...

This is a pre-rooted tar file to be flashed with Odin. It will give you Superuser Permissions and allow you to use apps that require root access!*NO data will be wiped! you are gunna need kies for drivers. Download that here.

1. Download Odin 1.85
2. Download the flash-able recovery tar from the link below.
3. Extract Odin somewhere on your PC.
4. Open Odin3 V1.85 and on the left side ONLY have AUTO reboot checked (VERY IMPORTANT)
6. Check the PDA slot and then press the PDA button and navigate to the Tar file and select it
7. Now power off your Epic Touch.
8. Once fully powered off, press and hold volume down, home key, and power button at the SAME time.*This will take you into Odin mode.
9. Plug your phone into your PC.
10. You should see COM# (the number doesn't matter) in the ID:COM box
11. Press start and let it run through the process!*
12. You are now rooted and have clockwork mod as your recovery!


Please do not post any mirrors without the permission of myself or others on the ACS team.

Root is temporarily broken please check back within the hour and it'll be fixed. There is no possibility this will brick your device if you follow directions the right way.

Here is a youtube video explaining the process

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Borgey said:
Since it was confirmed to work you should probably update the OP. It clearly states that root is broken and to check back in a hour. This will likely throw a lot of people off.

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DrMacinyasha said:
Just look in the wiki. This kernel is actually used for the rooting guide because unlike Zedomax's, it's not pre-rooted, and doesn't trying to place su in /sbin like a derp.
Ok, I installed followed the Wiki instructions. I used Odin and updated correctly. Flashed Superuser and was assuming that flashing back to the stock kernel kept SU access, was this incorrect? The Wiki doesn't state that it's flashing back to stock kernel with no root.

I downloaded Superuser app from market. When I try to run it, keeps saying SU binary code is out of date and when it tries to update, it force closes. So did this flash back to stock kernel remove my root access and ability to use SU or is the problem within SU and the binary update/FC?

EDIT: After reading appears I flashed back to a stock kernel with no root? If I'm right, Wiki should probably be updated to say that last section installs stock kernel AND removes root access.

EDIT2: So if I flash back to stock I lose access to recovery and the ability to flash anything else?

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Hey peeps I need some help. I'm helping my friend root his phone for him my girl has a fascinate so I know how to use Odin I do have 2 questions 1st does this work(wifi.3g4g) cause I'm a little confused I don't want him to regret this he was an apple fan boy lol but I converted him and 2 do I have to uninstall the Samsung drivers for the fascinate before I install kies drivers or it doesn't matter Thank You hope someone responds

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