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Adfree app no longer works

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Anyone know how to make this great app work again? Tried clearing the app data and rebooting and have the latest version from market with latest local host file. Looking at the recent reviews on the market I am not alone.

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brianf21 said:
I created this for the nook, but it works here. The problem with Adfree is that the /system partition is mounted in read-only mode. If you use a program called "mount /system (rw/ro)" to mount /system in rw, then Adfree works. Or just used that attached program. It will automatically mount /system in rw mode then download the hosts file from the net then remount /system in ro mode. The hosts file changes a lot so keep going back in the program to get the lastest version. The program has to be re-ran after every nightly.
Anyone using this?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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