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After making the ACS ADW theme, I decided to make a bunch of different 2 tone adw themes..
These are simple themes that change the overall effect nicely.. I plan on making more and will take all requests for different colors seriously.. These are just a starting point really, I havent really started any wallpapers or docks yet.. just trying to get a good base to work with.. Currently they have over a thousand (1000+) icons in the icon pack.
I need to make more app icons change automagically and I need feedback on the apps that should do this for you because I know switching different icons over and over suck..
The app asks for internet permissions.. I know craziness.. thats because there is a donate link in the wallpaper chooser just in case you get generous..

any ways, now to the good stuff..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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