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All my texts are gone

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Today I was using GOSMS and texting my girlfriend. All of a sudden it spits out an error and ALL MY TEXTS MESSAGES ARE GONE! POOF! While I do have a back up, it's a month old and contains none of the texts with my girlfriend. I had about 20,000 texts saved and I was wondering if there is a way to recover them

I am running Tweaked 2.2 and the ICA theme.
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Lost SMS on Android phone due to delete or format the SD card is actually very common nowadays. Are you the one who are eager to address problem? If yes, congratulations, you are here in the right place. Above all, you need to know the deletion won't wipe the real data that have saved on your Android phone memory card, they are still there. But you should not use your phone to send or receive messages now because at present there's no known way to extract deleted text messages from Android that have been overwritten.
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