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amazon market and android market problem.

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updated to the new market. now my amazon apps shows up in the android market as update available but i know i can't upgrade it because its linked to amazon app even doh i tried updating it, just says denied. is there anyway i can take that off? before it never showed that at all. im tired of having a constant notification saying update available when theres not....
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yea i checked amazon app store. it has only 2 updates which i updated but still shows that it needs update in android market and its getting annoying.. hmmmmmmm
Got an email from dev.
Long press the amazon app and look for break market link
mwep said:
What do you mean long press?
Select the amazon app you wanted.
I guess long press is same as select and a pop up menu appears.

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Inside the app manager pro. I guess the app itself automatically links apps from amazon to your android market. So going to the app itself you can unlink the amazon app one at a time.

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Terri M said:
Long press means to touch and hold until a menu pops up.

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This. Once the pop up menu appears scroll down and should see unlink or break market link.

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