With the success of Netflix, Play Music and other unlimited streaming media-consumption services it's no shock that Amazon would want to join in the game - also, rumors helped suppress the shock surrounding this announcement. Earlier Friday Amazon announced its new Kindle Unlimited service that would allow readers to read any of their books for a flat monthly fee.

Amazon has a catalog of over 600,000 books, and for 9.99$ a month any of those would be available for reading through the Kindle app. Along with their extensive catalog, Amazon is granting access to 2,000 titles on Audible for listening. Amazon will offer Kindle Unlimited users a 3-month access pass to Audible's full catalog (which is about 150,000 titles) but after that period you'll have to pay to keep the extended collection.

Other big names in the e-reading business have similar services but Amazon's extensive catalog and the Audible offers make Kindle Unlimited a force to be reckoned with. If you are interested in the service you can sign up at the source link below and Amazon will even make the first month free, you can't say no to free right?

Source: Amazon