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Hi all,

Due to a lack of information, I called up Amazon Wireless to check in on their promotion of buying a hotspot-capable phone (Rezound currently included at the price of $200 for new customers, $230 for upgrades) and activating Mobile Hotspot at the time ($20/month). If you do this, you get a $100 Amazon gift card. You can't use this towards Amazon Wireless at the time (I believe), but if you're like me, you buy tons of stuff at Amazon anyways, so this is a great deal. In addition, to those of us who use Root tether, this could be a good opportunity to be able to continue to tether while root is worked out on the Rezound.

My main question for them was: Can we cancel the Hotspot at any time, or are we locked into the Amazon 180 day thing for their additional ETF? Answer: Cancel whenever you want, you only have to pay that one month. I'll attach their response.

Also, for GNex holdouts, this should still work on the Galaxy Nexus, since the promo is through the end of December. Amazon also has a 30 day return period, although I'm unsure how easy it is to get your upgrade back vs. returning it to a Verizon store.

Anyone see a problem with this, other than the fact the Rezound is currently backordered 8-9 days? I'm also curious to see how their return policy works...they have a 30 day return policy, but if I were to return my phone, how long would it be until I got my upgrade back to re-order a GNex? And this would likely invalidate the gift card too, but that's quite understandable.

EDIT: I kinda jumped the gun on this one :\ It appears that to add mobile hotspot to the plan, those of us that still have unlimited data would have to drop it in favor of the $50 "6GB Smartphone Web Browsing and Email plus Mobile Hotspot (2GB Free)" plan. There is an option for keeping the unlimited data plan, but not for adding a hotspot to it. Oh well...still not a bad deal at all for new customers or those coming from dumbphones--you get the extra 2GB data and the $100 gift card, still.


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