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Android Open Kang Project - toro - build 25

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Newest change logs are available at the AOKP site
  1. Make sure you're on the latest CWM
  3. wipe data/factory reset in recovery
  4. flash ROM
  5. flash Gapps
  6. reboot

Find all builds and milestones at the AOKP site. If unsure hit the "Releases" tab and you'll find them ordered by latest release!

We spend countless of hours doing this for next to nothing. Posts, views, and donations encourage me, and everyone else who helps out.

Donate to me
Donate to Whitehawkx
Donate to Jonathan Grigg
Donate to Zaphod-Beeble
Donate to ProTekk

Donate to CyanogenMod

Every donation is cherished and loved.

If you'd like to help contribute by writing code, feel free to stop by IRC and talk to us!

Check out the ROM source on github. Open source, in the spirit of community kangage.

If you'd like to help with AOKP, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to get as many developers in on this as possible!

Best way to help out or contact us is via IRC.
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It boots, seems snappy and the phone works. Going to restore some apps and report back. Thanks for this!

edit: T-CDMA 64 shows on the lockscreen and the expanded status bar where "verizon wireless" should appear
Fix is in eri.xml in framework-res.apk -- at least it was in Gingerbread.

Also, string for Emergency Dialer is switched. Says "enter pin code." This is on the first boot screen.
NFC is busted. None of my tags will scan. >_<
Circle is lower, but album art also shows just fine.

Can't spread out the toggles easily. Layout is build into source, thus into the smali.

Wallet works fine. As do nfc tags. Have been working since 13 for me.

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I've been running and building nightlies since day 1. Had Franco for a while, then tried IMO's experimental builds...much better battery life. InteractiveX governor is what does it. Forces CPU1 off when the screen goes off. Try it out!
1 - 5 of 12090 Posts
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