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I have an rooted Nook Color (that's running Honeycomb) and I've searched for 'market' apk's to download and (attempt) to install in order to have a marketplace from which to acquire apps.

I suspect the problem is that a "NOOK" device isn't a phone and hasn't a 'sim' card
nor will it have an associated phone number to place/receive calls from the OS.

Whenever I try to install an 'market.apk' it appears to install OK but when it asks me to setup
an account (and I tap YES) the market app then (appears) to crash and it returns me back to
the main Android Desktop. I've tried numerous different versions of the market/store like
3.26, 3.27 etc and none allow me to setup an account for the store.

Right before I tap on the "YES" there appears a 'blue' brick (firewall?) icon in the task tray area
but when I tap in it, nothing happens! ;-(

I'm hoping that either someone can steer me in the right direction
(with an Honeycomb (bootable SD card) image that includes a working market app
or provide me an altered/customized market that will install upon my nook.

yes, I know that the Nook Color has a market/store (greatly limited) via Barnes & Noble
but I don't want to be stuck with their 1.20 OS.

Any help would be appreciated including weather this will all work itself out if I just wait for someone
to release an "ICECREAM SANDWITCH" version of Android that contains a working market built-in.
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