If you've been waiting on the Android Wear source code to be released then the wait is over. According to Bill Yi, in a post in Google Groups, the GPL projects for the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch have been posted. Both projects can now be found in their respective places in the Android source tree. The projects can be found under the tag android-4w_r1. Though repo syncs aren't currently available for either the Gear Live or LG G Watch, some core elements including the system core are currently available as a full platform push won't be available till the next milestone release.

Eager developers should soon have all the tools they need to make magic happen with the Android Wear platform and end users should fully expect the development community to be full speed ahead once all the relevant tools are made available. The kernel/msm source is available with the branches listed below. What are you looking forward to most from the dev community on your Android Wear device? Let us know in the comments.



Source: Android Building