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We figured we'd let you know whats going on and why we have been so quiet lately. Big plans and ideas coming through along with optimal changes for the better of the site and user experience.

Immediate changes to the next 2 months:

  1. Upgrade the server (done)
  2. Increase security (done)
  3. Improve layout and theme. (done)
  4. Add international devices.
  5. Open a help squad and section to answer the new users questions to minimize confusion.
  6. Upgrade wiki software to be cross compatible with Forum users.
  7. Add portal for devices and make forum user configurable.
  8. Add a couple changes to the look (secret)
  9. Hire news writers. (currently have volunteers)

Near future (2-4 months)
  1. Increase phone handout to 3 phones per month.
  2. Hand phones out to users and themers for appreciation.
  3. Possibly host some ROMs for spotlight developers.
  4. Purchase Tapatalk version application for the forum.
  5. Implement a set up wizard for new users to find out where to start.

Happy new year for RootzWiki (6-8 months from now)

  1. Increase phone handout to 5-6 phones per month.
  2. Possibly paid license of Adobe CS5 for themers once a month.
  3. More to come...

We feel that if it's really about being open, you should share.

Feel free to comment and ask any questions.

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Wow, you guys are trying to get more and more generous. That's great though, the developers that have phones in hand, the more the community is able to out. Surprised companies aren't donating device though. I mean, when a device has a strong developer base, the more user buy these phones. I know Samsung got the message. But anyways, look forward to all these changes.

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I love the generosity and atmosphere of this forum. Its great! Not only do you give great morale to devs and themers out there but it also encourages your normal user (like me) to try harder to understand the system more, and not not for the incentives but because of the moral support this forum gives. I plan on staying for a long time. I hope to grow with everyone else here on the forums. THANKS GUYS!

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I think starting a news team would be a great idea. Maybe break it down to several groups (ie app reviews, phone reviews, tablet reviews, android news). As far as hiring goes I am sure there are many others like myself that would love to write for such an amazing site.

As far as having contests for giving away different items. Perhaps look into contacting app developers and doing free licenses to paid apps (Launcher Pro, ADW, Titanium Backup, Root Explorer). This would give others besides just devs and themers the chance to get some good stuff.

If I think of anything else that may be useful I will post it. I know its just my 2 cents but anything could spark an idea for someone else.

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We look forward to achieving these goals one by one and bringing what we can offer to the community, we're always looking for feedback so if you have anything to share drop us a PM or post :smile3:

adroidman said:
why does it say to buy tapatalk? Also if I want to get involved how do I go about doing that?
In regards to Tapatalk, I think they're still going to get a Tapatalk version of the Rootzwiki app so that users can choose whether they want to use ForumRunner or Tapatalk. I have no idea about the getting involved part. I know there's a link on the main forum page for expressing interest in joining the dev program and such.

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I have tried developing apps, roms and themes. Its not for me. I can test anything and everything. Been doing beta stuff for 4-5 years. I personally don't think tapatalk is worth all the money.

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