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anyone going to try a honeycomb port when system dump of similar tablet is available?

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I know cm7 is working on gingerbread in case ICS source becomes available, but...

when a system dump of the huawei mediapad makes it's way onto the internet, is anyone going to work to port it over?

mediapad uses the same processor as our touchpads and is available for pre order now in singapore, avavailable in india next month and available everywhere else, including US, by end of year.
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I dont think you understand how this subforum works.
So lets see you have Honeycomb on the touchpad already? NO!?!? Ok then...this isn't development, moved....
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I don't think honeycomb will ever happen. Gingerbread is doable so that's what they are working on, and with icecream sandwich right over the horizon, honeycomb will just go away. From what I understand it wasn't a very stable version anyway.
Let me try to make this really simple to you. ICS is due in Oct/Nov. To find a tablet that has similar hardware (if it happens) and to make compatible drivers for HC would more than likely take even more time then waiting for the ICS source to come out, and just do a more official upgrade from GB to ICS. There's a reason why google didn't release the source code for HC, they didn't want ports to be made for devices that can't handle it.
The question isn't "Can the Touchpad do Honeycomb?", "Its can Honeycomb do the TouchPad' :D
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I'll be happy with Gingerbread personally.
Forget Honeycomb. The reason we haven't seen source for it is that Google was frankly kind of embarrassed by it. It was their tablet technology demonstrator. ICS will be mature code and Gingerbread will MORE than get us on the way there.
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