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Anyone got Wifi Tether on 2.11.605.0?

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So, I have been trying to tether with all the different versions of wifi tether, tried the restart trick, and i am running imoseyons latest kernel which i think supports it, yet i have had no success. Has anyone got it working? runs great on CM7, but Sense still has way better battery. I really gotta get this working as my college wifi SUCKS. Why have 3dn/.27up when i have 22/9? :)

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2.0.7 works for me on any ROM. I just backed it up from chingys ROM.
Ok, so idk why.. but i decided to restore Wireless tether 2.0.7 with titanium backup, and it magically works now. Maybe a lib or file was missing... idk, i just know its work now. Thanks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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