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anyone running cm7 nightlies have issues

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[FIXED] thanks to everyone who [email protected]
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No serious issues on any of the releases for me so far. I would A) Go into ROM Manager or CWM and select "fix permissions" if that does no good, (B) do a full data/cache/dalvik cache wipe and reinstall the rom/kernel
What Nightly are you on?
Herp derp, realized that wasn't aimed at me. Insomnia does that lol

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Its an issue with flash 10.3 on CM7. You need to download an apk of 10.2
Right now I'm on 8/13...I can't find a decent flash 10.2 apk...I found one that gave me video but no audio...
worked [email protected]# thank you so much!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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