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Anyone want to trade for a MINT DROID CHARGE plus extras...

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If you want to trade your bionic for a MINT droid charge with the 32 gig sd card, otterbox defender case with belt clip, a black silicon case, stock wall charger please let me know.. the phone is loaded with the fully functional GB leak and has already had ext4 conversion done to speed things up, rooted etc etc..

I actually love the phone just want to try something new without renewing my contract even if I have to give up my beautiful screen.
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Sorry. But if you give your charge to someone else it will have to be flashed back to stock. You cant activate a rooted phone on LTE. The person that gets it will need a new sim card and it doesnt play nice with a rooted device. I have sold two charges and learned after selling the first one.
No, doesnt work the way att does. Yes i could swap my card into an already activated phone. But once the phone is taken off the account it needs a new sim. I have had 2 thunderbolts, 2 charges and now a bionic. I usually have to explain this to the verizon guy
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No problem...I know I sold my first one and the person wanted it to stay rooted. I had to walk them thru unrooting over the phone so they could activate it....not pretty trying to do that over the phone with a person that had no clue what they were doing. lol
I sold my charge for 350.00 and used an old Storm for a week till I found someone desperate for cash and sold me there Bionic for 200.00. Ill hold onto this till next month, and sell to buy the Vigor
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