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Anyone want to trade for a MINT DROID CHARGE plus extras...

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If you want to trade your bionic for a MINT droid charge with the 32 gig sd card, otterbox defender case with belt clip, a black silicon case, stock wall charger please let me know.. the phone is loaded with the fully functional GB leak and has already had ext4 conversion done to speed things up, rooted etc etc..

I actually love the phone just want to try something new without renewing my contract even if I have to give up my beautiful screen.
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That doesn't sound like a very good arrangement. The DX and Bolt could be sold and you could get the Charge and some extra pocket cash. Plus, the OP doesn't want either of those phones, he wants a Bionic.

And in my honest opinion, the Charge is the 2nd worst of all the LTE phones. The Bionic is obviously the best, but the Bolt beats the Charge in my opinion because of the custom ROMs. Only the Revolution is worse than the Charge, because it's largely a neglected phone.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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