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AOKP | crespo4g | Milestone 6

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Newest change logs are available at the AOKP site
  1. Make sure you're on the latest CWM
  3. wipe data/factory reset in recovery
  4. flash ROM
  5. flash Gapps
  6. reboot

Find the latest releases here

Find build-28 here

We spend countless of hours doing this for next to nothing. Posts, views, and donations encourage me, and everyone else who helps out.

Donate to me
Donate to Whitehawkx
Donate to Jonathan Grigg
Donate to Zaphod-Beeble
Donate to ProTekk

Donate to CyanogenMod

Every donation is cherished and loved.

If you'd like to help contribute by writing code, feel free to stop by IRC and talk to us!

Check out the ROM source on github. Open source, in the spirit of community kangage.

If you'd like to help with AOKP, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to get as many developers in on this as possible!

Best way to help out or contact us is via IRC.
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Power saver seems to be not working correctly for cdma devices. I'm looking into it.

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I'm not!

Updated to build 12 (make sure to read the change logs).

In the future, JohnathanGrigg will be maintaining the Nexus S side of things, so he'll be releasing builds. He asked me to compile these for him while he gets everything setup

Happy New year!
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Has MMS been fixed?? I didn't see it listed in any of the change logs.. Also have the fixes been added for downloads over 4G?
Mms SHOULD be fixed. Let me know whether it is or not.

And what problems are there with downloading over 4G? I can look at this in the next week or so.
They will do nothing for you because you have a Nexus S
. I specifically hid those options on phones that didn't support the nav bar function
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Thanks for the update. 4g browser working

°•neXus S4G•°
I was hoping you'd say that

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Wow. That's unusually high... try wiping cache and dalvik cache and see if it helps...
milestone 2 in OP
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ok i flashed this and ROM Control always FC's on me. Anyone else getting this?
Bleh. I'll try and fix it tomorrow. Sorry.

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build 17 is now in the OP
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I don't know if its placebo, but i had horrible performance on 18 with the octo lock. just laggy unlocking, navigating, GPS lock, app opening and not what i'm used to. Maybe it was the fact the browser is where unlock used to be, i don't know but it made me crazy. Switched to the quad lock and it seamed that it went back to normal. Going to try 19 after giving the quad lock a whole day to feel out. This is by far the most feature packed ROM out there and I say kudos to you.

@roman what kernel do you use?
I don't own a Nexus S or a Nexus S 4G

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Press the settings icon in the statusbar.
I havnt seen a 4g toggle..... Only a lte toggle

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Check ROM Control > Toggles > Enabled toggles and see if you see an LTE toggle for me please
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