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hey guys,

to make a long story short, i've been working on tf101 for aokp. I'm trying to bring the latest update stuff to it and fix the random reboots.

changelog from stock milestone 5:
- updated proprietaries
- updated kernel to stock, built off of latest source

things still broken:
- youtube doesn't display in market (as per all other aokp releases that i've tried)
- rotatation animation isn't really that smooth


use with latest GAPPS.
I noticed that if you don't data wipe from M5 aokp to this then you will get some weird things happening, make sure you data wipe.

Im also in the process of committing my changes to aokp's gerrit, however i need people to test this build and the kernel before i commit the kernel.

here's the commits i've done so far: - proprietary files update.

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Hey birdman i try ur rom because the regular aokp was aways rebooting my transformer random for no reason but this rom now dont reboot anymore if i turn my transformer off and turn back on the tablet got stock in the lock screen like freezes and i can't unlock did this happen with anybody else ???
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