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  1. Make sure you're on the latest CWM
  3. wipe data/factory reset in recovery
  4. flash ROM
  5. flash Gapps
  6. reboot

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Hey guys. So yesterday I was running great battery wise, but when I went to go work out I came back to an extremely warm phone. Checking my battery, this is what I found...

The only thing I had on was 4G and Bluetooth and the screen wasn't on the whole time so I have no clue what could have caused such a drain in an hour and a half. I don't know if this is posted in the appropriate topic but I am running build 27 with the stock kernel. I also immediately threw it on the charger and I didn't have better battery stats so these were the only screen shots I got. Could Bluetooth be the culprit here? I've never experienced any problems with it before but like I said I only had that and 4G on. Let me know what you guys think/what I need to do next time it happens so I can figure out the problem. Thanks for the help and I'm loving the ROM!

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could've been because you were in an area with bad signal. i know thats happened to me in a movie theatre before. my battery dropped like 80% in 2 hrs because the theatre i was in had bad 4G reception. it was weird because the next time i went back, it didn't happen again. although i was in a different theatre room.
Along the lines of bad reception,

Say I know I'm in an area with bad reception, but I need to use some apps and I have a wifi connection, is there a way to prevent that bad battery drain? Like maybe airplane mode with wifi on?

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if you're going to be using wifi in a 4G area with bad reception, you won't see the bad battery drain. it seems to only happen when 4G is on and you're in a bad area, not sure if 3G causes that big of a drain but wifi won't cause any drain.

i use Llama for taking care of stuff like this. just set up some conditions based on your location and it'll auto switch wifi/4G on and off, etc.
what happen to the swagger toggle and the disable navbar option? did those get removed in M4? i came from M3 but i remember reading that the beta versions in between had those options.
Still alive and kicking as far as I know. I hid my navbar last night playing a game.
i don't see an option to disable the navbar. or where the swagger toggle is.
You need to looooook.
Navbar option is on the power menu options, enable Show nav bar toggle, hit the power icon in the power menu to hide.
Swagger toggle under toggles
ahh ok got it. thanks. didn't know the power symbol button was to toggle it on and off. don't know why i thought that was to turn the phone off. stupid me. le tired.
Step 1: Buy Tasker
Step 2: Use Tasker

Setup 'tasks' for each event. I have them for work and sleeping, along with others for random events. You can trigger these actions by time/day or you can create a widget on your homescreen that toggles said task.

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i'm using Llama myself. its free and it works awesome. uses cell towers to determine your location so there's no extra battery drain. not sure if Tasker uses that also but i find Llama to be very easy to use and set up.
so is there a way to get google wallet back? or are we screwed out of that now?

EDIT: nm, got it.
anyone having an issue with Media keeping the phone awake? its showing as a high battery usage in my battery stats at 30%.
If you just flashed the ROM, this is google+ uploading your files (backing them up or restoring them). Give it 12-24h, this will be gone. Enjoy the phone!
i don't have google+ installed so that can't be it.
No problem. I can't believe that nobody here is using autobrightness. I used to turn it on occasionally and it always worked fine. I have never tweaked it in any way or used the custom brightness settings. I just enabled it and it worked. Now it doesn't on either of my phones. If that is my only problem, it will not bother me but I would still like to see someone confirm if it works or not. All you have to do is click enable and cover the sensor to see if the screen dims.
i use autobrightness all the time and i'm not having any problems. i came from a clean wipe of M4 and its working fine for me.

EDIT: nevermind, it doesn't work. it works when i go into the custom backlight settings and enable the light sensor filter though. never had to do that before.
so is there a fix for the auto brightness problem?
not sure if this has been mentioned or is old news, but i couldn't find any info on it from this thread.

i have a pair of bluetooth earphones that were purchased recently and there is a very significant audio delay when watching videos. the audio will have a delay of about 1 second. i'm using mx video player to play vids on AOKP M5.

i was googling this issue and people were saying they didn't have this problem prior to being on 4.0.4. looks like this might be an inherent issue with 4.0.4.

was wondering if anyone had this same problem and if there's a fix or an upcoming fix for it.
is it just me or are sounds louder now? i noticed my notification sounds are much louder than before even tho they're at the same volume level as before. and there's no way to change it. i don't see DSP manager anywhere or any other volume level control options anywhere.
A sound tweak was added on I think B38 makes sound louder :)

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oh cool. came from M5 so didn't know that. thanks!
i'm assuming we need to do a wipe coming from Build 1?
of course... the day after I finally decide to flash build 1...

think I'll wait til the next one to update again.
well Roman did say "expect build 3 soon". i'll wait for the next build as well.
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Yeah I don't know about build 2... I did a clean install and restored all the same exact apps as I had before, and the battery is draining really fast. Not only that, I've had to re-setup my nav bar icons like 3 times now... They've been randomly disappearing.

I also noticed mediaserver running... I thought that issue was long gone. Holding out for build 3.
your battery is probably draining fast because the media scan is running. i have the same problem on build 1. so its not just build 2. and i'm guessing build 3 will still have this issue. i get the media scan after every reboot. i have to try so hard to not reboot my phone nowadays.
is anyone on B3 having a prob where the phone will sometimes vibrate when turning the screen off? it only happens sometimes and not all the time.
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