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AOSP 4.4 KitKat for Moto X xt1055 US Cellular

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AOSP 4.4 for US Cellular Moto X​

Local manifest for building yourself:


Most everything that I have tested. Mobile Data, Wifi, Tethering, Bluetooth, Camera, etc

Not Working:

Video recording on rear facing camera


Update wifi to latest version and all kitkat configs

Fixed mount for usbdisk (in theory)

Implemented hardware based keystore (compatibale with old bootloader and 4.4 bootloader)

Update all proprietary blobs to 4.4 Moto Tmobile leak


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Stuck at activation screen. Also had roaming indicator. TWRP 2.6.3

US Cellular Moto X
Hmm adb logcat -b radio and adb logcat would help trace it down
I'll get you the logcat tomorrow.

US Cellular Moto X
My brother imported a Moto X off amazon which turned out to be the CDMA version XT1055. We use GSM and LTE 1800 here in Australia. Is there anyway to activate the GSM radios so we can use the phone on 3G? I have already rooted and flashed this rom onto the device
Did you all get this thing to boot past activation screen? Still need to root my device.
Is this ALREADY abandoned? I tried showing interest and am not opposed to donating. We need some dev love for this phone guys so let's show our interest.
Do any AOSP based ROM's take advantage of the contextual processor and the voice processor? Wouldn't the use of the 2 extra low power cores require software support?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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