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{AOSP}{Custom Gingerbread}OMFGB 1.3.1 Nightlies

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OMFGB 1.3.1 Nightlies

*Feature list and screenshots are subject to change at any time. They also may not exactly reflect what you see in rom, due to different device features.

[DISCLAIMER: If you are flashing this you have already voided your manufacturer's warranty. If you are flashing this you realize that this is unsupported software. Your device may break as a result of flashing this unsupported software. t3hh4xx0r team is not responsible for anything that might happen to your phone or you as a result of flashing this software. That includes but is not limited to bricked phones, world war, your alarm not waking you up and as a result you getting fired, or orgasms. That said, thank you for trying it.]

Some Features of this ROM
Android 2.3.5 Base
Builds available for HTC Incredible, Incredible 2, Droid Eris, Evo, Thunderbolt, Droid 1, Fascinate, Showcase, Mesmerize, and Hero
Future builds planned for Droid Charge and Droid X

Configurable Power Widgets (cm)
3 choices of Lockscreen mods - Standard Tab, Rotary, and Honeycomb concept
Reboot menu including recovery and bootloader options (cm)
Lockscreen shortcuts for Phone and Messaging apps
2 choices in battery types, stock or percentages
Volume wake and menu unlock (cm)
Configurable overscroll effect (cm)
Screen off and on animations (cm)
Volume button music controls (cm)
Lockscreen music controls
Configurable launcher screen settings
Workspace looping in launcher
Scrollable widgets support in launcher
Landscape mode available in launcher
DSP Manager (cm)
God Mode Settings app to control all this craziness
Tmobile Theme Chooser (tmobile)
Addons app for customizing your OMFGB build even more
Nightlies in the God Mode app to stay on the bleeding edge
Wallpapers by ksknightmare and sgarriques

Audio may be only working in the left side when headphones are in. To get around this, start a voice search, and then cancel it. This is needed one time after every boot.

Thanks Section
First I want to thank RootzWiki for this awesome forum that we can share our work on. Next I would like to thank my team for putting up with me disappearing for two weeks to make this work for you guys. There are so many people I want to thank for making this possible. First biggest thanks to slayher, he did this first and has helped out with ALOT of bugs that he had to deal with when there was no one else here to help him fix them. He also helped me update this to mr2.5 General thanks go to birdman, b16, cvpcs, the whole cm team, peteralfonso, drod2169, ksknightmare, the irc guys, sgarriques, imoseyon, the users in this thread including avlfive and jaxidian and mikereDD which i've seen answer hundreds of questions. If I don't have you listed and you helped in some way, biggest thanks to you. Im old sorry.

Some Screenshots


Nightly builds are compiled each night by our build bot. Follow it on twitter for up to date info on all builds. @OMFBOT

1.3.1 Nightlies can be found here

If not your wanting to try the nightlies, download the older 1.2.0 build from


All sources are at OMFGB's github page ---

t3hh4xx0r team consists of:
- r2DoesInc - - linuxmotion - - xoomdev -
Please visit for more information
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ROM looks amazing, thank you so much for all your hard work. Definitely gomna be giving this a shot. :grin3:
Your welcome. I don't think many others from xda realized I stopped posting there lol
lol yea it's actually kinda funny to watch
oh well. :p
Hey boss, I just joined because of the rom, fantastic work. I'm actually running 1.3.1 8-8 OMFGB on my evo and I got my boss running 1.2.2 OMGB on his fascinate. Really looking forward to when 1.3.1 OMFGB goes stable, and really to all future work. Huge fan.
im glad to see you here :)

one day i may post over there again. for now though, the atmosphere here is much much nicer.
will give this a try...
been wanting to try something new lately
Loving this rom, smooth and fast. However I am having issues with gps. Im running nightly 8-12, was on 8-11. And map locks, but navigation puts me across the state and will not lock, just says searching for gps. LifeInTheGrey has been helping me on xda. So I thought I'd come to the man and see what he says. I haven't tried galandy's gps fix yet on 8-12. I did on 8-11 but did all 3 and prolly messed everything up. Any idea's?? I'm on clean install of 8-12 no gps fixes running savage ken 2.2.1 havs sbc
Hey, love the rom, but just figured I would mention ...

The one thing I believe is missing from this rom is something so minor and yet so huge ... the 160 split. On the stock AOSP SMS app, it does not contain a splitter the way third-party apps do, and when someone sends a text longer than 160 characters without this split, it never sends and causes a wakelock until reboot. CM7 submitted this mod into their stock Mms.apk a while ago, so I was hoping that this mod could be included.

Other than that, dynamite. Rocking 8-12 nightly right now, its butter.
that i can look into
I need help sending my build.prop and logcat....I know what they are but don't know how to send them
rikkiminnis said:
I need help sending my build.prop and logcat....I know what they are but don't know how to send them
use pastebin lol
copy and pste into the box.
I got pastebin for android at I don't know how to send
I got my logcat to paste but
Can't figure out build.prop
oh, your using the app? that i dont know. i wasn thinking just do it from your computer.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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