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"ctslaton said:
Just because I like flashing ROMS and having options, I was hoping the new APEX would be as good for me as the FROYO version. My problem is that I cannot get corporate sync to work on any non-blur ROM without using a third party app like Touchdown. I get the message that my phone does not support the required security features. I think this is an issue with the AOSP mail client, not the ROM. So for tight integration, I need the social blur apps. Anyone know if I can replace the AOSP social apps with the blur apps and keep all the integration between them with this framework?

As a wish list for the developer, it would be great if there was an easy option to replace all social AOSP apps with the standard blur apps with a click of a button so I could configure it to be more like APEX for FROYO.

P.S. Darkslide is working great for me as my day to day ROM with all the social blur intact and fast as can be.
He will be releasing a .zip of removed blur soon. All you will have to do is download, unzip, and flash in clockwork all the necessary apk's! Hope this helps.
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