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I think it was last night that the Apex developer put up a new Apex still under development on his sight.

I tried it because it included the bluetooth fix. The fix appears to work. I was able to increase and decrease volume while maintaining the bluetooth connection with my headset.

It functions pretty well for my purpose. The battery life was average based on the roms that I like. I like GB stock based roms with minimal blur and good battery life. This test rom gave me 11.5 hours based on my average use today.

I think I am a heavy user. I like Shuji and Apex. Darkslide X was good, although I didn't notice a great deal of difference from stock. I average 11 to 12 hrs per day of battery life. I can easily make 20 calls a day and 100 emails a day at my job. I read and post several times per day on various forums, listen to about 40 minutes of music, and general reading for about 40 minutes power day.

The obvious bugs on the system contacts on my dialer which would force close to my home screen. I was able to use Go Contacts without forced closings.

I have had two of the same issues with all of .602 roms. I can't maintain a wifi connection. Wifi flashes on and off within split seconds of each other. Hasn't bothered me too much because I mostly use my unlimited data plan. This seems to have started with pre-rooted .602. I think .602 is the culprit. Lastly, is getting an eror message when I try to purchase an app in the market. This also started with the .602

Once the developer irons out a few more kinks, it's a keeper!
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