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$omator said:
i am very interested what are those "Ton of other stuff Fixed" as the version used by you 1.0.B4 / 2.3.2 (from first arch pre premiere leak) works by default on i guess every android running device and can be found HERE
this is by 'coincidance' not the latest 1.0.A.1.5 / 2.3.3 that is more optimized and developed then 1.0.B4 / 2.3.2 BUT needs more work then editing few sizez dpi, a real ton of work i guess, in order to make it compatybile with device

only changes i see here are 2 PNG inserts, 7 resizes and 12 xml files (few lines) edited
changing dimensions, adding screens and so on (not a single smali line was edited)
instructions for that and base files for compare to figure out what files nedded to be edited can be found HERE & HERE

claiming something that is not done by you but is a 'feature' by default or was developed by someone else makes my blood boil =)
Your complete lack of tact and manners makes my blood boil. He has given us something that has taken his free time to make and release, but people like you rather look at the negative and ridicule people than actually help make things better. That is one of the major problems with XDA and I had hoped that we wouldn't see that here, but I guess that was to much to ask for!
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