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Eugene373 said:
Ton of other stuff Fixed to make work on the Sensation & Evo 3D
i am very interested what are those "Ton of other stuff Fixed" as the version used by you 1.0.B4 / 2.3.2 (from first arch pre premiere leak) works by default on i guess every android running device and can be found HERE
this is by 'coincidance' not the latest 1.0.A.1.5 / 2.3.3 that is more optimized and developed then 1.0.B4 / 2.3.2 BUT needs more work then editing few sizez dpi, a real ton of work i guess, in order to make it compatybile with device

only changes i see here are 2 PNG inserts, 7 resizes and 12 xml files (few lines) edited
changing dimensions, adding screens and so on (not a single smali line was edited)
instructions for that and base files for compare to figure out what files nedded to be edited can be found HERE & HERE

claiming something that is not done by you but is a 'feature' by default or was developed by someone else makes my blood boil =)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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