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Total Password Security

Total Password Security is designed with security in mind. It is a secure password generator and password strength checker. Coupled with comprehensive safety tips, this app makes for one powerhouse of a security app. Simple and straightforward, no strings attached.

Need to make a more secure WiFi password? Total Password Security has got you covered. Did someone get access to your accounts because of a weak password? Total Password Security has got you covered. Don't take a chance, be secure.

Note: The permissions are required to display ads. All password generation and computation is done locally on your phone, and your phone only.

This is the first app I wrote for Android and thought I would share it with the Rootz Community! It's not that complicated or anything, but it definitely has its uses!

v 1.1 [02-18-12]
- Updated look for Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich devices!
- Increased the password generation character limit to 128!

v 1.0.1 [08-11-11]
- Tweaked both portrait & landscape layout, everything scrollable now.
- Fixed scrolling problems with tips section

v 1.0 [08-10-11]
- Initial Android Market Release!
- Fixed small bug

v 0.5 [08-07-11]
- Initial Release on XDA-Developers
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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