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All you need is here

Hello everyone

I am from the development team of AmindPDF, we have been focusing on PDF technology research and the development of PDF tool products. We don't have expensive prices, and we don't have limited free time like other applications. We uphold allow users to use the most comprehensive PDF functions at the cheapest price. If you need to read and edit PDFs on mobile devices, welcome to download and use our products. In addition to the functions of regular PDF editors, such as editing PDFs, making annotations, etc., we will develop more functions in the future, welcome to follow us!

Powerful PDF Editor:

AmindPDF is an all-in-one PDF tool and PDF annotator/editor, providing users with smooth reading functions and convenient PDF editing functions. You can view PDF, edit PDF, annotate PDF, scan PDF, create PDF, convert PDF, merge PDF, split PDF, print PDF and fill in PDF forms from your Android smartphone and tablet. AmindPDF supports 13 languages.

Description of AmindPDF

AmindPDF is an almighty PDF editing expert for Windows, iPhone, and Android devices, meeting your application needs for PDF documents. AmindPDF supports various document editing functions such as reading, editing, scanning, annotating, converting, merging, splitting PDF, etc. Any PDF document can be easily processed in your hands, and it is your best PDF processing software. Whether you are studying or working at home, at school, in the office, or working remotely, using AmindPDF allows you to work efficiently anytime, anywhere.


😉Work on PDF forms
Quickly fill out a PDF form and type on your PDF files for free
Save and send PDF forms

😉PDF Editor
Editing PDF Texts
(1) Modify PDF text color, font, bold, italic, font size
(2) Move, add, and delete PDF text paragraphs
(3) Change, add, and delete text.
Editing PDF Images
Replace, delete, add, rotate and crop pictures; move, zoom in/out pictures

😉PDF Reader
(1) Quickly find PDF files and open them for viewing
(2) Scroll, zoom in/zoom out pages to view
(3) Turn pages horizontally or vertically
(4) Jump to the specified directory

😉PDF Annotator
(1) Highlight PDF text, add underline, and strikeout
(2) Add annotation with pencil or mark pen and add annotating notes

😉PDF Scanner
(1)Scan paper documents into PDF documents
(2)Scan any document and convert it to PDF.
(3)You can also open a PDF scan in Amindpdf to highlight key sections, add annotations

😉Creating PDF
(1) Create blank PDF pages
(2) Select pictures from the album to create pages
(3) Scan paper files to create PDF pages

😉Converting PDF
Support converting PDF to mainstream file formats: Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG

😉Merging PDF
(1) Merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file
(2) Merge multiple images into one PDF file

😉Splitting PDF
Split a PDF file into multiple PDF singles according to the catalog or the number of pages

😉Page management
Add, delete, rotate, extract pages; change the page order

😉PDF file manager
(1)Search to find text fast in your PDF documents.
(2)Share, rename, copy, move, and delete docs and folders with Amindpdf’s built-in file manager
(3)Star files to quickly open your most important or favorite documents.

😉PDF Printer
(1)Amindpdf supports several printers model and displays the paired printer list for selection at the time of printing and can be connected to a Bluetooth printer & wifi printer.
(2)Print the texts you write in the PDF file

We provide codes for a 15-day free trial, you can get it by leaving your positive review in the Play Store, then leave a message here.

So, what are you waiting for enjoy this amazing app today!!!

Download Now On Your Android Or IOS Device

Google play
App store


A wonderful experience from AmindPDF

Follow AmindPDF on social media:


Make AmindPDF Better:
Have an idea to make AmindPDF even better? We'd love to hear it! :geek:

Please add your idea to the email: [email protected].

Community interest plays a big part in how we prioritize upcoming features.
So let us know what's important to you.

AmindPDF【official website】

Finally, I’d like to thank you all for your reading

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We are happy to announce that AmindPDF 1.5.8 is now available on the Play Store and App Store


Google play
App store

We hope you enjoy it! Up to 50% off for non-AmindPDF users!!!

Like or share the link to Get better experiences with PDFs.

Update content:

1. Support horizontal screen display and operation, more friendly to tablet users
2. Add label list display and bookmark function to quickly locate the marked place
3. Optimize the brush and eraser, and now markup supports more color options
4. You can change the color of the PDF display, and you can read the PDF comfortably at night
5. Optimize the PDF search function
6. Fix some problems to provide a user experience
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