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Have you noticed anything wrong with the official Twitter app for Android? Apart from the fact that it is a port of the iPhone app. Apart from the fact that it it doesn't follow the Android Design Guidelines. Yes, it just doesn't look very nice!​

About Boid for Android

Over the mast few weeks, Team Boid has been working on a project sparked by the realisation that there are few, if any, Twitter apps on Android that both look good and work well. Many solutions are overcomplicated or just don't take design into account. Boid changes this.​

Boid for Android is not just a new Twitter app, it's an entirely new way to experience Twitter!

It highlights media and trends amongst your friends to show you what people are talking about. It gives you complete control of your interactions with people and all other Tweets and in a beautiful interface. It is your app - suggestions you make to the developers will likely appear. Your ideas fuel Boid.

Because this is a community app, we are being completely open with every release. We have released builds from the alpha stages and, with every change we make, an update is pushed to the Google Play Store. We rely on your feedback and reports to make Boid as good as it can be for you. So pipe up! Make your suggestions heard and this will be your app.

Basically, Boid is Twitter on Android... done well.

We Need a New Logo!

We now have a new logo! Thank you very much B16 for your entry. We plan to use this idea alongside our current image.

Please have a look at all the images below. The designers worked very hard on them and deserve a lot of credit.

Great job!

Download and Links

Try Boid out today and suggest the features you want to see, and they may just appear in the next build!

Boid for Android - Google Play Store

Boid Website

Live Updating Planned Features Doc

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Hello everyone! I only do stuff like this for fun so I'm not expecting anyone to take these seriously. I used Adobe Fireworks CS5 and made everything from scratch. The icons look a little pixelated on the phone itself, but I'm sure there's an easy fix for that. Give me your opinions on what could be improved.

Logo 1:

Screenshot for Logo 1:

Logo 2:

Screenshot for Logo 2:

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