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This is an improved version of AOSP Launcher2 built from source for CM7. This may also work on other source based ROMs, but I cannot verify or promise compatibility!

  • Super Team - Original source code (SuperAOSP ROM)
  • kejar31 - Gummy Launcher2 (code cleanup), qHD fix

  • AOSP Gingerbread Launcher styling
  • Extremely fast page scrolling and 3D app drawer
  • Customizeable hotseats (number, style, bg)
  • Auto rotation


Installation Instructions
  • Flash file in Clockwork recovery. Do not wipe.
  • This WILL delete the system version of ADW that came with CM7 (/system/app/ADWLauncher.apk) but not any market versions!


For HDPI devices (Droid X, Nexus S, D-Inc, etc.)

For qHD devices (Sensation, EVO3D)

Source Code

Gummy Launcher 2

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Do I need to have CM7? I really want the qHD version on my D3.

I just saw the part about source based roms, the last version you released in apk form worked fine except for it not being formatted for qHD.
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