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The Developer Checkout Manager gives you control over your sells with Google Checkout, e.g. your Android application sells or other products sold via Google Checkout.

Get an optional notification about a new order in the notification bar and LED (if possible, color can be adjusted).

You can filter your results by product, date (range) and country.
These filters can be combined in the diagrammes and order overview!

You can login with your Google account without your login credentials.
For the first acces you have to accept the Google Checkout access request.
If you have a Merchant ID/key account please enter your values at the login screen.

Hint: The initial loading could take some minutes (depending of your order count)!
Further updates fetch only new orders and are very fast. Maybe you have to click on the top refresh button for the first time manually.

■ Chronological overview of your sells order by product
■ Pie chart: Sells by products
■ Pie chart: Sells by country
■ Pie chart: Status of sells
■ Bar chart: Sells per weekday
■ Bar chart: Sells per hour

...more soon!


41 Posts
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■ Many bug fixes
■ More than 5000 orders could be loaded (just refresh manually after initial load)
■ Last state is now saved (selected date, view, country)
■ New option to hide cancellations
■ Privacy policy added at Google Play
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