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Kindle Fire HD xSettings

I recently discovered how to easily disable ads on the stock lockscreen on a Kindle Fire HD 7" and since the procedure was a bit complicated I decided to create a simple app that others can use to achieve this. I had also discovered a few other things that could be changed and decided to incorporate those as well. What started out as a basic app is evolving into a more extensive settings application for the Kindle Fire gang.

First and foremost, several of the features require root access so you must have root to really benefit from this app. The other thing you will need is the app itself which you can find at

To install the app you will need to either move it to your SD card and then using a file explorer, such as ES File Explorer, select it and choose install. If you are familiar with ADB then you can always use adb install to install it as well.


  • Disable lockscreen ads - Get rid of those pesky lockscreen advertismenets
  • Window animation scale - Adjust the duration of animations when application windows open and close
  • Transition animation scale - Adjust the duration of transition animations
  • Stay awake - Screen will never sleep while charging
  • Battery info - Display extra battery info in Device settings
  • Developer options - Enable the developer options in Device settings
  • Text to speech settings - Choose your TTS engine and adjust the settings for it
  • Power usage - AOSP style power usage with per process statistics
  • AOSP style settings - The standard AOSP style settings instead of Amazon's style
  • Wi-Fi information - Extra wifi settings and information not available to normal users
  • Usage statistics - Application usage statistics such as # of times launched and time used
  • Accessibility settings - Accessibility settings that are available on the 8.9" but not the 7"
  • Choose lockscreen type - Choose between none, slide, pattern, PIN, and password security lockscreen
  • Launcher debug mode - Advanced settings which control various aspects of the Amazon Kindle Fire launcher application
  • AOSP Camera app - Launches the standard AOSP camera application instead of Amazon's camera app
As I find more things that can be changed that the stock firmware does not allow, I'll update this app with those settings.

Village Idiot
71 Posts
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I recently updated the app to include Text to speech settings as well as a new UI theme which uses the stock Kindle theme. It now has a more consistent look as the rest of the apps by Amazon.
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