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I want to introduce you TASK CHANGER PRO.


This app will help you to change from one task to another one quickly. It stays always waiting your swipes that you can configure in settings menu.

There are a lot of functionalities:

- You can kill an app tapping long on an item in running apps
- You can kill all running apps from option menu
- You can change the zones color
- You can make the zones visible or no
- You can enable zones or no (sometimes is good for playing games,…)
- You can change the zones width
- You can correct the zones position
- You can enable 2 more zones (the green one and the yellow one)
- You can enable 1 more zone (the grey one)
- 2 actions for every zone
- You can change the time of vibration when you touch a zone
- You can change the action for every zone, the actions are:

o Show running apps
o Show recent apps
o Go home
o Do Alt + Tab that will change between your two last task running
o Go short cut. You can choice your own short cut
o Go custom app. You can choice any App to launch
o Show favorite apps
o Show favorite list apps
o Show All Apps
o WebOS behaviour
o Go back (rooted devices)
o Menu key (rooted devices)
o Action to show notifications (experimental)
o Experimental action for show recents ICS
o Action for disable task changer temporaly

Available at Android Market


Task Changer Titanium

Here you are!

Main different from Task Changer PRO

- Faster
- Better
- WebOS action like Web Os original (icons that you can swipe up in order to kill tasks)
- Menu options improved
- Now if you change a visible option at menu you can see what are you doing.

- In order to close these screens you have to tap on title or at bottom, or you can swipe go back action. Home key doesn't work.


Remember, only for licensed users.

I hope you like this version.

Please, if you find any bug, write an email to [email protected] in order to correct it.

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Giving this a try! Right now I use Perfect Task Switcher, LOVE that app, this one looks amazing. Installing now

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It would be awesome if android phones supported some sort of multitasking like this, only similar to the blackberry playbook where the touch-sensitive part of the screen can read touches just outside of the actual visible screen, so a swipe from the bezel onto the screen would be the different than a swipe on the screen.

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Version 4.8.0 out!

- Design improved
- New action for disabling Task Changer temporaly
- New action for doing nothing
- Better zones control to avoid unintentional touches
- Now if you keep touching a zone, it will be disabled for a time. Good for quit zones when they bother you.
- Zone action label now in red or blue background
- Configuration menu rearranged
- Bugs fixed
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