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Hi everyone,

I have released a free Locale/Tasker plugin to the market for Android 2.2+.

Version v1.1.0 now available on the Android Market! Please update :smile3:

It allows users to:
  • Toggle the Keyguard
  • Lock the device
  • Set or reset the device's password/pin
  • Run any linux command (with/without root)
  • Tasker users can store command output info in user defined Tasker variables
  • Wake the device

For root users:
  • Enable/disable Wireless ADB

If you choose to, root users can install the Secure Settings Helper. It allows users to:
  • Enable/disable ADB
  • Enable/disable GPS (useful for 2.3+)
  • Enable/disable Pattern lock screen
  • Change device input methods (switch soft keyboards without the prompt)
  • Enable/disable "Use Wireless Networks" option for location awareness

I hope you enjoy

Download Here

Explanation of Permissions:
  • Device Administrator Access - Required if you wish to lock the device or set/reset the password
  • Storage Access - Required for the Run Command function to write to the SD Card
  • Full Network Access - Required to download and check for updates for the Helper application
  • System Tools - Required for the Keyguard and Wake Lock functionality
  • Root Access - Required if you wish to install the Helper or run privileged commands from the Run Command function
  • Wifi Access - Required to determine if Wifi is enabled for the Wireless ADB function
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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