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Mod Type:: Theme

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: Other (See Description)

Requires Root:: No


Change log:
<br />
July 2nd v1.1.0<br />
-Updated to Instagram v1.1.6<br />
-Fixed comment and like glyphs on MDPI devices<br />
-Minor changes to theme to clean it up some more<br />
<br />
June 8th v1.0.7<br />
-Updated to Instagram v1.1.3<br />
-Theme now compatible with LPDI/MDPI/HDPI/xHDPI devices!<br />
<br />
May 17th v1.0.6<br />
-Updated to Instagram v1.1.1<br />
-Added themed Icon to xhdpi devices<br />
-Fixed search edit field on both xhdpi and hdpi devices. Black background w/white text<br />
<br />
May 11th v1.0.5<br />
-Themed a few missed images for xhdpi devices<br />
-Optimized few images for both hdpi and xhdpi devices<br />
<br />
May 10th v1.0.4<br />
-Theme fully compatible with xhdpi devices (GNex, etc) now<br />
-Changed comment input back to black with white text<br />
<br />
May 9th v1.0.3<br />
-Updated to Instagram v1.1.0<br />
<br />
April 21st v1.0.2<br />
-Updated to Instagram v1.0.6<br />
-Added comment and like glyphs back<br />
-Changed action bar from iOS Blue to match theme<br />
-Fixed text color in comment input, now visable<br />
<br />
April 20th v1.0.1<br />
-Updated to Instagram v1.0.5<br />
-Few color edits<br />
<br />
April 11th v1.0.0<br />
-Updated to Instagram v1.0.4<br />
-Fixed Settings page. Now able to see text<br />
-Small Fixes<br />
<br />
April 10th: v0.5 <br />
-fixed sharing/details page<br />
-fixed profile info row<br />
<br />
April 9th: v0.4<br />
-Updated search pages (user and hash tag). Small fixes.
Known Issues:
-Not able to share photos to Facebook? Try this: Thanks to sikpnoi4u_2nvy
-News page is not themed and cannot be themed. Uses a webpage to show content.
-If you are having issues downloading from your phone using the MediaFire link provided, try using "Desktop Mode" with your browser.

☆★☆ Download Themed Instagram v1.1.0 ☆★☆

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Really like it! But... on nexus4glte the icon stays plain but on my galaxy s2 it changes to the black icon. Could you share the photo so I can have it for safe keeping :) please and thank you

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Ok guys I was able to get the Facebook sharing to work and this is what you have to do.

First log in to your FB account using a desktop then delete the Instagram app from your account settings and this will unlink the Instagram app from your FB account.

Then delete your Facebook mobile app from your phone. Hold off from reinstalling the FB mobile app for now.

You can then go to your inverted Instagram app's sharing option to choose Facebook. This should let you log in and will prompt you to accept the agreements etc.

Once that's complete, you will see that it ended up checking Facebook and it should already link your account.

Then go ahead and reinstall your Facebook mobile app from the market and things are back to normal with the goodness of a blacked out instagram app!

Hope it works with everyone coz it did with me and I've already tried and tested by posting something. =) Btw I'm also using the latest version. And thanks for the hardwork .Omega! @Aspec5

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