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I just published a little app called TrafficViews.

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The idea is to streamline the Google Maps interface for use by commuters. I've done so by allowing a database of saved "views" which correlate to specific points on the map that can be recalled simply and easily via the menu.

This app was born out of necessity, I was tired of trying to "star" places and zoom/pan around Google maps to check traffic when I left for work... this app makes viewing my "Traffic Views" painless by allowing me to save and recall them.

I've added a bunch of options:
  • Map type (satellite or regular map)
  • Turn off animations (save data)
  • Update Interval (for tracking you via "follow me" from the menu, save battery by limiting gps queries)
  • Default zoom level (used to quickly zoom to your preferred level from the menu)
  • Full screen (hides the notification bar, if you want your g/f to think you have a tomtom)
  • Keep screen on
  • Keep screen bright (in case you want to keep it on in your vehicle mount at night )
  • Allow landscape (if you are using a horizontal vehicle mount and don't want to change your rotate settigns)

    Thanks for looking.

Market Links (Via Phone):

Ad supported version
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Link: market://search?q=pname:com.dustinjorge.trafficview

Donate Version
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Link: market://search?

Market Links (Web):

Ad supported version:

[SUB]Donate Version (No Ads):[/SUB]


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