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Hi Guys,

I just posted my first App the Android Market (so please be nice) & thought I would let you guys know

It's called UDPro (UDP Pro) - Info copied from the Android Market

Remotely control your Windows PC from your phone.

Features included at the moment are:

1) Control Windows Media Player
2) Send a popup message
3) Lock PC
4) Log Off PC
5) Shutdown PC
6) Reboot PC
7) Hibernate PC
8) Sleep PC
9) Added Custom Commands - Need to added to on the PC App
10) Wake on LAN
11) Change PC Volume
12) Take a screenshot of each monitor & send them via email to your desired email address (configured in the Windows App)

All information is encrypted (emails included if you use a ssl compatible smtp server)

You need to run an application on your Windows PC - It can be obtained here
It has been tested on Windows 7 & Windows XP - You need to have at least .NET 3.5 (

It will be minimised to the system tray when opened

By default the password on the Windows app is not set

Please make sure you open port 29000 (UDP) (The port can be changed) on your PC (if you're running a firewall). If your wanting to use it over the Internet, I suggest you obtain a static IP Address or signup with (obviously port forwarding would be required)

You may also need to open an additional port to be able to send emails (the port will vary depending on your smtp (email out server) server)

If you have any ideas please let me know

Works for 2.2+

Market Link

QR Code

Market Link - Lite Edition

QR Code - Lite Edition

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New Version is online:

Version 3.2

Added the following controls under "System Controls"

Next track
Previous track

These should work on most media programs (some may require focus to accept these commands) - Although programs like Microsoft's Intellitype can cause these not to function - Try removing keyboard programs to see if this help.

I also fixed a bug on the "system mute volume" button - It wasn't working

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Congrats on your 1st app. Very exciting. I have a couple questions for you. I'd like to try this on my Home Theater PC but before I add another server application I have a couple questions:

Will it work on Windows 8 Release Preview?

Will it work for Windows pop-up security messages? (Ultimate Remote for Android does not work with these pop-ups, but Hippo Remote on iPhone does work). These are the Windows pop-ups for things like "do you want to allow this download" & the messages to confirm and app (such as TVersity or AirVideo) that need firewall access.

If you think the above will work (win 8 for sure) I will load up the app and server and give it a try.


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Yeah it works with Windows 8 - Although you will get the SmartScreen filter message on install & first run only. I think I have to pay Microsoft to become a registered publisher or something to get away with that junk - But given that .Net is a managed language (& what I've used) there's no need to worry really :D
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