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Are there any Devs working on this device?

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I ask because my wife has stuck with the Cliq line from the beginning, and she watches the stuff I can do with 2 rooted devices and would like to do the same.

I know this device wasn't a "hot" seller, but starting to think the only way to get progress is to find another Cliq2, obtain root through (thanks and credit to Dan Rosenberg ('djrbliss') for finding/creating the exploit and a big thanks to psouza4 for tweaking and putting it all together and even creating a page for it!) and see what I can achieve from there.

If anyone has any info or a possible ROM that could be flashed, preferably stable (she just knows how to use a device for text/calling... sad we don't share this interest :-\), I would be VERY grateful! If not... guess it's not meant to be.

EDIT:... Crap! I thought I had clicked the dev area but had a blip in signal. Could this post PLEASE BE DELETED? I'm feeling pretty stupid and noobish now...
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Darkknight4020 there has been some work on the c2. I think its like 3 people but they are doing some amazing things. As you can see in my sig I am running gingerbread and it is awesome. I know there is a 2.2.2 rom that has been all but deblurred and a cm7 port that is in the works and a deodexed 2.3.4 rom as well.

sent from my rooted cliq2 running gingerbread by eccentric vision development.
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