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Asurion, Broken Eris question

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My girlfriend's Eris won't stay on, or hold a charge longer than two hours even with a different battery and all downloaded apps removed, and a factory reset. It takes her about a minute just to get a phone number dialed. Tech support doesn't seem to want to do anything but sell her a new phone. She's had it, and was thinking about filing an insurance claim. I'm just curious do they still have the Eris? If not what do they replace it with? I figure the Citrus, or that lower end LG? Any help would be appreciated.
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You should root the phone and load a custom ROM. Assurion won't replace the phone and verizon is going to try to get you to buy a new phone because they want your new contract.
I'd give Asurion a call and see if they'll replace it, and ask them your questions. Can't hurt.
I've rooted it in the past, and loaded everything from Evil Eris to CM. None of which do it any good now. It's just old and dying, and I guess I'll call them and see what happens.
Hello from Asurion! Sorry to hear about the phone woes. The Eris is currently in stock and will be offered as a replacement. The Motorola Devour and LG Ally are also available in the event the Eris ends up going out of stock. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us via PM or on Twitter at @AsurionMobile.
Give battery calibration a try. My battery lasts like 2 days with normal use. It's in the market.
Two weeks ago I got a Droid X for a replacement for the Eris. They tried to offer me a Devour and the Ally and I told them they are both sliders, the Eris is not a slider and I will not take a slider.
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