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AT&T getting rid of us Unlimited data plan users|| Call to Arms!

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Attention AT&T users today I received the notorious text message from AT&T threatening me about tethering. While I am the first to argue the BS surrounding tethering and paying for the same internet twice I can say in all Honesty that I Have not Tethered my phone, after a heated argument with the AT&T representative, where I was told they would supply no proof, and if detected again after December 31, they would switch me off my Unlimited data plan automatically. I demanded to know when their expert system than detected this activity, I was informed that they detected it in both of the last 2 months !! I can say with 100% certainty that i have not tethered ever not even for a second during these last 2 months. I was than informed that if i wished to take legal action they welcomed it and were prepared for such blow back. It is clear that this is their strategy to get rid of all of us on the unlimited data plan that we will never loose if we don't leave or switch our plan otherwise. I realize that with #SOPA and the holidays we all have a lot on our plates already right now , but i believe if we do not mount an aggressive counter attack and strategy starting now we will all be stuck with tiered data plans by February 2012. Lets use this thread to come up with said strategy, leave thoughts and ideas down below.

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On Verizon I regularly use over 20GB a month on my phone, especially now that I have LTE. They never sent me a Single message.
Same here. A light month for me is maybe about 10 and usually closer to 20. I'm so glad I got to move to vzw when I did to get locked in on unlimited with a LTE device :) I would go back to a generic prepaid flip phone before ever considering going back to AT&T :)

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