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AT&T Stockholders Overwhelmingly Reject Net Neutrality

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engadget said:
AT&T stockholders vote down net neutrality proposal
By Terrence O'Brien posted Apr 27th 2012 4:28PM

AT&T stockholders took to the ballot box today at their annual meeting and voted not only to reelect the entire board of directors, but also on a number of measures concerning how the company should conduct business. Chief amongst them was a provision that would have required the carrier to operate its network according to the tenets of net neutrality. Unfortunately for you (unless you're an AT&T exec), the proposal was voted down by a pretty stunning margin. 94.1 percent of shareholders opposed, with only 5.9 casting their voice in favor of true network neutrality. For more info check out the PR after the break.
Wow. Just, wow. There you have it: AT&T is going to continue being absolute a**hats for the foreseeable future, because their stockholders overwhelmingly believe it's good for business to be evil to paying customers who have been with them for decades.

Makes me glad I don't have AT&T. I feel bad for anyone who's forced to stick with such an evil organization as their carrier, and have zero pity for anyone who willingly sticks with them.

Thoughts? Opinions?
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They are a company and not your friend. Their customers pay for a service and they prove a service they see fit to give.

Sometimes people don't have a choice on what carriers they can go with. For example in my area Sprint and tmobile has poor service in my area. ATT doesn't even have 3g in my area just the edge network but cell coverage is as good as verizon. Then you have Verizon with spot on 3g and 4G in my area. So people really only has 2 choices for carriers. Sometimes they only have one choice at all. So you are going to fault some of the people who has to choose ATT or nothing at all? If I was in that situation I would gladly choose the evil ATT over nothing at all.

Plus you're not even with ATT so why do you even care?

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