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[Bacon][Beta][Twrp 2.0 Themes][Not Official Until Teamwin Releases][Minimal Grey][Pink][Bacon]

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*Update* Added BACON Theme (I had to) *11/27/11*
*Update* Added PINK and fixed Minimal Grey *11/27/11*


As you already know TeamWin(Especially Agrabren) has been working on TWRP2.0.

This is a custom recovery that is advanced with touch UI.

These theme are off of the first BETA build without function.

So we will call this BETA until it's official.

To install you need to go to /sdcard/TWRP/Theme/ and then drop it in (Don't change name) Reboot to recovery and check it out! You can't have multiple in there so pick and choose.

This currently is only working on the EVO 3D , but SHOULD work with the Sensation. Test it please? **Works on Thunderbolt! (See below)**

You can get the run-down and .img for the recovery for the test TWRP 2.0 here :

Let me know if you like it in the comments!

Hit thanks or donate me a beer if you really are feeling adventurous but I really don't expect anything for any of my current or upcoming themes. It's for personal and fun use!

Here is the drop box download link to test out the theme

Download Minimal Grey:

Download PINK:

Download BACON:


PS Check out my ADW Themes :
FREE: https://market.andro...mFkd3RoZW1lIl0.

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You get extra credit for having a laptop with NVIDIA graphics.
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Reddit is going to LOVE this one...
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You get extra credit for having a laptop with NVIDIA graphics.
Haha agrabren yeah I wouldn't do anything otherwise! Plus I live right next to nvidia! But you work there right?

Haha thanks vividboarder! Assuming for the bacon right? Haha I'm still making some more themes its fun

Though its just images for now, I'll do text and text color later on since it's not official yet :)

Hook it up

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I work at NVIDIA in the Austin, TX office. After it's officially released, we're going to release the font conversion tool, which lets you import new fonts, too.
oh dude yea that's sweet! Because I was wondering what was up with the .dat fonts
Yeah i am right next to the santa clara office in CA
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in case u r interested this also works on the thunderbolt.

Thank you 4 bacon
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haha sweet! i would assume so, shouldnt be too different, which one ya using?
the bacon theme made my wife shake her head in disapproval.
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Nothing is better than Bacon!
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Now that 2.1 is out and working great has anyone done themes.
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