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All of your roots, give them to me.
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Hey guys, I made this script from scratch just to make your life easier and it's still finding ways to pop back into my life and getting re-done
 using this as a quote from XDA
Alright guys, this script was made by me (Indirect). It contains a much simpler/less crappy batch script to root your phone without pausing (contains 3 confirmation though just incase) If this file messes up, it isn't my fault as the usual android modification warning applies.

This is the same method as the usual one but just has less than 70 lines of code instead of 138 which is the best way to make it while still having it be noob friendly or just ripping away at the commands where a glitch can happen. Enjoy this guys, just know the person who wrote it worked hard.
Remember, you still need to flash an RUU after this but atleast you can backup with TB before hand!

Note: This script is actually still being developed so if I break something in the script by adding something else it will be fixed. I don't have a shift to test on and I don't have any money. From what I know, my friend did indeed test this and it's working 100% so now lets move on to features.

Wimax backup and restore - after the root process/misc.img flash
MD5 hash check for misc.img before and after.
Hboot flash
Choices to ask what you want (Y/N questions)
asks if you already rooted with fre3vo and if so, takes you to the reroot script.

OTAking71 and scaryghoul. (Hboot patch)
Otaking again just for beta testing my script on his spare shift.
Agrabren for releasing fre3vo
Me for writing this batch file from nothing but the instructions in the hboot downgrade thread.

Download link?


Note: This script is made by me and may not be modified, reposted, or shared without my permission.

Reason I don't want you to modify it is because of the fact that I don't want anyone to break the script which can break the phones! Remember: Batch is very particular about function calling!

<br />
Changelog:<br />
Updated to 2.7.2<br />
changed to use Globatron's misc_version<br />
removed md5 checks since I'm using an active partition editor<br />
Autodownload RUUs for whichever method you choose.<br />
[s]Added automatic function of checking MD5[/s]<br />
added install.bat script for post-downgrade install of z4root and visionary<br />
added automatic downloading of misc.img if bad md5<br />
added downloading of choice between or the exe RUU to downgrade<br />
added wget to allow for downloading of the aforementioned files.<br />
added device check<br />
maybe some other slight things I'm forgetting<br />
<br />
Changelog for everything else:<br />
v 2.0 Changes in how the script handles certain functions<br />
v 1.0 Added confirmation question as to whether MD5 hash matches.<br />
v .99 Added MD5 Checker<br />
v.9 Initial release<br />

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Thx Indirect I just rooted a friends Shift with this . Easy breezy!

Sent from my phone thats enjoying a Freshhh piece of GingerBread!

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Ruu it, then use the bullet. Maybe your shit got slapped with the code. It was a prototype indirect was trying to make better. Youre not the first to report this issue.

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evil_devnull said:
Ruu it, then use the bullet. Maybe your shit got slapped with the code. It was a prototype indirect was trying to make better. Youre not the first to report this issue.
The phone is just borked.. I've ran the RUU. The Sprint store is in my future
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