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Flipfreak said:
The funny thing is, they gave me my X back............ I'm going to keep trying to get it running. And I'm not sure they will be able to tell if i voided my warranty, if they can't get it running, and then proceed to let me keep it.

I know how to handle my phone, don't try to insult my intelligence. I have researched quite a bit as well and haven't found anyone that has had a similar problem.
Chances are they will not be able to tell anyway, as in RSD if it gets to the manually power up phone stage, the SBF is already complete, erasing any evidence of root. The final step of going back to the bootloader after SBF and booting up is to verify it is complete.

That said, it is a moral gray area regarding warrantying phones damaged by hacking. The consumer has some protections here since in order to deny the warranty, the manufacturer must be able to clearly show that the defect was related to misuse or modification. Most of this is covered under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. I am not going to go into detail here, but there are arguments for both sides.
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